Rummy Glossary

A Jargon Busting Rummy Glossary for Indian Rummy

Ace - In a standard 52 cards deck there are 4 aces; one of each suit (spade, hearts, clubs and diamonds). Ace can be used as a lower card as well as a higher card i.e. you can make a sequence as Ace-2-3 as well as Ace-King-Queen.

Blind Discard – A discard made without a clue as to whether an opponent can use it. This is often the first discard of a deal.

Bonus Chips - A top-up of Chips to make a cash deposit to play the rummy game.

Buy In – The buy in is usually the minimum amount required to enter into a money tournament but can sometimes be quoted with a maximum buy in.

Cash Tournaments - Tournaments where cash deposits is required to play.

Count – The point value in any given hand after deducting the total melded cards.

Cut – After the shuffle, to divide the deck of cards into two portions, to place the second portion on top of the first and thus to change their order.

Dead Cards – Those cards no longer available either because they are in the discard pile or because they are melded in a player's hand.

Deadwood – Any unmatched cards left with a player when a hand is finished.

Deadwood Count – The total value of the unmatched cards left with a player when a hand is finished.

Deal – The distribution of the cards to players that takes place at the start of each new hand.

Dealer – The one who deals out the cards.

Deck – The set of 54 cards (inclusive of 2 jokers) used in  play rummy.

Declare - When the player declares that he / she have finished arranging the cards in desired sequences and/or sets. Player declares by by placing the 14th card face down on the discard pile.

Discard – It is the act of reducing a card from the hand by placing it in the discard pile. This is normally done after drawing a card.

Discard Pile – The pile of face up cards that is formed when player reduces the no: of cards in their hand after drawing a card.

Discard time - There is no discard time limit while playing rummy offline, however while playing rummy online, there is a time limit to discard a card.

Draw – To take a card into the hand from the draw pile or the discard pile.

Draw Pile – The remainder of the deck after the original hands are dealt, usually placed face down, and from where cards may be drawn.

Face Card – King, Queen, or Jack of any suit.

First Drop – To drop the game in the very first turn.

Game – A game is formed of a single round (or hand), a fixed number of rounds (or hands) or even an indeterminate number of rounds (or hands) to be played until one player reaches a certain score. A game ends when one of the players or sides has reached this target score or the number of hands or rounds pre-arranged to be played has been completed.

Hand – The cards that a player holds at any stage; A game of Rummy is formed of a single hand (or round) or a succession of hands (or rounds).

Joker – A randomly selected card from the deck which can be used while playing rummy to form sets and sequence. It is in addition to the printed jokers in a deck of cards.

Life 1  (or Pure Sequence or Straight Sequence) – A sequence (or run) without a joker.

Life 2 - A sequence (or run) which may or may not include a joker.

Lobby – The first screen that you see while entering any online rummy room. Usually a list of games and tournaments with details are displayed.

Meld – Three or more cards either of the same rank or in a sequence of the same suit.

Melding – The act of forming cards into a set or sequence in the hand. Note that this terminology also applies to the act of placing melds down onto the table.

Middle Drop – Player dropping a game at any time during the game apart from the first turn.

Pick Card – the first card chosen by a player from the draw pile or the card discarded by the immediate last player.

Play Chips – Chips offered by the rummy sites for free to play and practice  Rummy with other practice players.

Pot or Prize Pool– The total contribution by all players to the prize pool, which is given to the winner at the end of the game.

Practice Tournaments – There is no real cash involved in these tournaments. The rummy room provides free chip to play and practice with other practice players.

Printed Joker (or WildCard) - Apart from the 52 cards of 4 suites, there are usually two  printed  jokers in a deck of cards. While playing rummy, the printed joker can be used as any card.

Promotional Tournaments  (or Freerolls) – Tournaments where there is no cash involved, however, there could be a cash prize  or gifts given by the rummy site.

Real Chips – Chips purchased by the players with cash to play rummy with other cash players at the Online Rummy site.

Score (or Points) – The score accumulated for each player.

Sequence – 3 or more cards of same suit and in consecutive rank.

Set (or group) – This is a group of three or four cards of the same rank and different suits.

Seat Shuffling – Reaaraging player seating positions in order of toss value.

Show – When a player has arranged all cards as per the rules of the game, declares and displays the cards to other players.

Shuffle – To randomize the cards before cutting and dealing.

Sit Out – To miss a hand and/or subsequent hands while still sitting at a Rummy table.

Suit – One of the four suits of cards in a deck: spades, hearts, diamonds and clubs.

Top Card – The card at the top of the draw pile.

Toss – It is used to decide seating positions and which player gets to make the first move.

Unmatched Cards (or Un-arranged Cards) - The cards with which a player is not able to make a sequence or a set when an opponent has declared. The player who loses is charged with the points of the unmatched cards.

Winner - A winner in a rummy game is a player who declares rummy by arranging his or her cards with desired sets and/or sequences. Also, to win the rummy game, the player has to correctly declare his or her cards. The winner usually has the least points (or zero points) against his name.

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